Re Thomas Elias's column: Elias is due his bias but the readers should expect accurate statements behind his point of view.

He wrote "the campaign for Proposition 8 could not name one" way gay marriage "harms" anyone. "Harm" is certainly a subjective term based on what one feels is important to a stable, civilized society.

Going to the campaign's Web site one can easily find a number of "harms" stated that are felt by the Protect Marriage side.

He wrote "... if Proposition 8 loses, it will be a sign of a major swing in the public's view of gay people." Proposition 8, like Proposition 22 before it, is paramountly a test of the public's view of the sanctity of marriage - traditional marriage and its importance to society. The proposition states the view of what marriage is, not what it is not.

If a segment of our state were promoting marriage to be recognized between adults and pets, or adults and minors, or adults and numerous partners, etc., efforts would certainly be exerted to protect marriage between a man a woman.

He also wrote, "people do not choose their sexual orientation and ... it is grossly unfair to deny opportunity for gays." With the legislative passage of domestic partnerships and associated rights I think it is Elias' responsibility to state one way a gay person's opportunities are harmed by not being able to use the relationship title of "marriage."

Kent Cornwall, Monrovia