April 23, 2011


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I like this idea of a boycott of Pasadena Weekly advertisers and I will support it. This so-called "alternative newspaper" irreparably destroyed whatever credibility it had --- although it certainly didn't have much to begin with --- in their recent smear campaign against PUSD Board candidate Sean Baggett. I'm sure I am not the only person who found it disgusting, irresponsible, and unacceptable.

Big Steve

There has to be a change in the political culture of Pasadena unless we want to end up with a form of government that controls everything including the press and the churches.

Using the Roman theme of your blog, the Romans poisoned political opponents. In Pasadena a poisonous press is used instead.

You might suggest having people walk in to some of these businesses and giving them the list and telling the manager or owner that they no longer are giving them their business because they buy ads in the Pasadena Weekly.

Thanks for posting this. I will pass it along.


Oh, my god, Big Steve you raised the issue of the churches and incivility in Pasadena?

The churches in Pasadena and its Seminary hold prayer vigils and conferences about hate crimes and political violence alleging the Right are always the perpetrators. While in the very same city they either sit passively and watch while uncivil speech takes over the political culture or they resort to their own brand of scapegoating. Yuck........

מכשירי שמיעה

I like the selection outside oligarchy can apply an outsider selection and get away with it. This is not to say the the latest selection for the panel of training did not also challenge his own candidacy with his history.

מכון שמיעה

This post says that the latest selection for the PUSD panel of Knowledge didn't also challenge candidacy with history. But the governmental covering was needless and not an separated situation.

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