March 24, 2011


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Felicia C.

I am very grateful that Sub Rosa is covering this story, especially as the PEF/Dreier-Comrade crowd with their pathetic Facebook accounts and nasty sinister comments have been ganging up with impunity on the Sean Baggett PSN article. Which by the way the Star-News has conveniently kept posted for an extra-long, longer-than-usual time.

John Crawford

Wayne - thanks for all you do. To me the Selinske smear campaign has it's roots in TT Bond money. The last thing the interested parties want is a motivated person getting on the Board that they cannot control. This is what those people do when money they consider to be their own could be put into jeopardy. Ugly people use ugly tactics. Selinske is one of them.


How is it a smear when someone's actions are being reported?

Wayne Lusvardi

Reply to Fred's question:
How is it a smear when someone's actions are being reported?

It is a smear when:
1. Other elected officials have the same or similar legal record as Sean Baggett but the newspapers never stated that they were unqualified to run for office. Why?
2. It is racist to single out Mr. Baggett and not mention other public officials who have similar legal records but are considered in a "politically correct" protected category.
3. It is a smear when a newspaper insinuates that a candidate is a felon when his reckless driving infraction is a misdemeanor.
4. It is a malicious smear for a newspaper to report statements by PUSD Board Members that Mr. Baggett will be banned from visiting school campuses as an alleged sexual predator when he is NOT been charged with any such crime.
5. It is a smear when these other elected officials who have similar legal records are shown in photos visiting Pasadena school rooms but the Board of Education never banned them.

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