March 26, 2011


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Big Steve

It is funny that Sean Baggett's last name if pronounced backwards sound like "tea bag" or "tea baggette."

The special interest cabal that runs the PUSD School Board and PEF is running scared that a true outsider might have a real shot at getting elected. Their only tactic is to use ridicule rather than Tom Selinske running on his track record - which would only lessen his chances greatly.

When is the Pasadena Weekly going to die? It is mainly propped up by restaurant ads and restaurants are dying in Pasadena thanks to redevelopment kicking all the mom & pop restaurants out of the better locations. So now people can't afford to eat out at all those pricey "Bistros."

As for the Star News I noticed that they had no Opinion Section in their Sunday hard copy edition last week. How long before they turn into a pure ad paper thrown at your door for free?

Are these newspapers waiting for the PUSD and City to save them? They have always had a bad business model. Good riddance if they go because they never cover anything fairly or ask hard questions to any establishment candidates.

Sean (not Baggett)

I'm warming up to this guy Baggett. He's tough. He doesn't mind having his record exposed to the public to run for office. I may even vote for him no matter his politics.

George G

It's time we woke up to what liars Selinske and his "surrogates" are.


teachers are fluff and corrupt?
maybe you should do a piece that outlines the exact nature of these categorical programs so people can decide for themselves.
and for the record, mayfield's student teacher ratio is just above 10. Poly's is around 9. Sequoyah's is 5.8. PUSD's kindergarten class sizes will likely be over 30 next year..

Wayne Lusvardi

I assume that you are private investigator and PUSD "Dirty Trickster" Larry O'brien since you won't post your name.

You are not too good at making straw man arguments and accusations. If you look up the definition of "categorical" school programs it does NOT include core teachers. Thus, I never wrote that teachers are corrupt or that funding for core teachers was "fluff."

Quit putting words in my mouth and take up your argument with the State Legislative Analyst's Office

Bye Larry

Wayne Lusvardi

OK Navigio or whatever your name is. You are not a PUSD parent. Your Internet ID has been tracked to Valley Village, Zip Code 91607, and your phone Area Code to 818.
I am blocking your comments from hereon.

supra for boy

So cute! I already like you on FB and also get your posts on Google Reader. :)

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