August 11, 2009


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Thanks to the disruptive efforts of the so-called crazies you mention, we can't have an effective townhall meeting or discussion. And as a result of that, you compare the change to the USSR? Could you be a little more desperate in your attempt to portray your disagreement with the proposed plan? How about some facts other than "so and so is a member of a liberal organization, Democratic party, etc."? Seriously, whether or not you agree with Obama's plan, we all know healthcare needs reform. If the Republican party has a viable alternative, we're waiting to hear it. Oh that's right, their alternative is "accept status quo." In other words, stay mute, peasant.

Wayne Lusvardi

Gosh Bob, thanks for telling me to "shut up" all in the name of "democracy." You prove my point. Read the article about Obama's appeal to technocratic competence and therapeutic populism over democracy posted at Sub Rosa.


This entry is just spot-on the truth. I was also there at the townhall, beside myself in grief and frustration, feeling like a slave that was screaming against the stone walls of my cell. I will go so far as calling Schiff a commie. And everyone that supports this bill.

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Wayne Lusvardi

Bob, the coward, won't tell us who he really is, and leaves straw man arguments on this blog on health care reform. OK here's a fact for you Mr. "Sponge Bob" - as reported on this blog: in many parts of Europe health care is free, but jeans cost at least $100 each (to pay for the health care). How do you think that would fly in America? You want your free but mediocre bureaucratic health care? Well, you won't be able to afford a cheap computer, just like many people in Europe I know personally. The book The True Believer by Eric Hoffer documented what happens when such believers are presented with evidence to the contrary, their beliefs just get stronger. The social psychological term for this is "cognitive dissonance." So there are no facts that would persuade Bob anyway. In California EVERYONE is potentially already covered by Medi-Cal unless their assets make them ineligible (excluding a home). Even then, there is the Catastrophic Care program run by Blue Cross and funded by Big Tobacco taxes for those who have too many assets for Medi-Cal. And if you are fully disabled for 2 years from cancer or a stroke or injury, you are then eligible for Medi-Care plus SSI benefits. If you are a "true believer" all these facts are meaningless to you.


We r in deep trouble people. These big program retreads are taking us off a cliff all because many needed some "hope". Well HOPE = DOPE in my book and if we do not take this country back come 2010 we are done as "free" people.

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