February 08, 2009


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Water conservation as a preservation and cultural issue -- that's IT! I love it.
Funny, thinking lately about Czamanske spreading the gospel of Pasadenans getting rid of their lawns, I thought of the R. Kenton Nelson paintings which make almost a fetish of Pasadena's smooth, lush, green lawns. You can't think of Pasadena without thinking of the mansions and lush lawns!


Funny take on this, although I hope nobody takes your post seriously. There is very little that can be done legally to challenge required rationing based on the environmental clearance process. As iconic as Pasadena lawns are, there is an underlying challenge to those lawns that is waiting in the wings based on the California Constitution requirement that water use be reasonable. So, is it reasonable to use water for lawns during drought conditions when other similarly situated water districts (such as Irvine) use considerably less water? I think any sane judge would tell you to put rock over that dry, brown patch formerly known as a lawn ;) J/K, there are drought tolerant grasses I've seen used throughout the Pasadena area so I'd expect that we will see more of them in the near future.

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the arizona home looks depressing

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Water conservation is very important for our enviornment and needs to be implemented nationwide. Great article!

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